Threading is a method of hair removal which uses thread to twist around each hair to be removed, and pull it completely from the follicle. The method is said to have originated in Turkey or Iran, and is still popular in the middle east and India today. Threading is most commonly used to remove superfluous hair on the face--typically the cheeks, chin, lip, and eyebrow. There are many techniques--the most common of which, the thread is held in the practitioner's mouth (usually by the teeth) and the other side is held by hand.


For sanitary reasons, we recommended that the practictioner does not use the mouth and instead uses a simple loop of thread with about 10-15 twists in the middle. He or she uses the index finger and thumb of each hand to move the twists across the skin. Most prefer to use 100% cotton, and unfinished thread is less likely to cause reactions to the skin.


Results of threading last just as long as waxing, and it typically costs the same (or less), even though threading requires somewhat more time and technical skill.




Eyebrows                                                                   £8


Upper Lip                                                                  £6


Chin                                                                         £6


Eyebrows, Upper Lip and Chin                                      £18


Forehead                                                                  £6


Full Face                                                                   £30










Waxing treatments include the necessary pre- and post-wax care, such as cleansing oil to begin and soothing oils and cooling gels to finish. We recognise that time is precious so you’re guaranteed to be in and out before you can say “so that’s what all the fuss is about!”, but of course we never rush


For Hollywood and Brazilian waxing - no underwear is worn. With a Bikini wax, underwear can be worn and your therapist can easily work around it.


To ensure a good experience and to prevent ingrown hairs we recommend clients regularly exfoliate and moisturise any area that that is being waxed.


Regrowth of hair varies from client to client. However you should expect around 2 hair free weeks depending on your hair removal regime prior to the waxing. If for example you have been shaving or using hair removal cream then the results may be compromised until you undertake a sustained period of waxing.




Eyebrows                                                               £10


Upper Lip                                                              £8


Chin                                                                     £8


Underarm                                                              £12


Full Arm + Underarm                                               £25


Half Leg                                                                £15


Full Leg                                                                 £25


Bikini Line                                                              £13


Full Leg + Bikini Line                                               £35


Holiday Wax                                                          £55

(Eyebrows+Full Legs+bikini+Underarm)
























Disposable knickers provided upon request for intimate waxing.

Cancellation Policy: For treatments worth more than £35, if you phone and book as a first time customer, we will ask for your credit card details in order to secure the booking. Please do let us know if you can’t make it or if you’d like to change your booking. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, sorry, but we may have to charge you.