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Our feet can be neglected. Tucked away inside boots and shoes, it time we gave them the respect and treat them to a pedicure at Bangkok Palace.


Like our Manicures, our Pedicures are a bit special too. Each Pedicure treatment includes a wonderful foot soak to freshen and lighten you feet before the treatment starts. We then remove some hard skin and exfoliate your feet.


A full cuticle softening and tidy is then completed to prepare the nails for colour. But before finish we'll provide you heated towels and a foot and leg massage before the final nail polish application.



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Bangkok Palace Manicure is so much more comprehensive than a standard manicure. Each manicure is performed at a specially designed nail bar with height adjustable chairs. Having the correct setup assists the nail technician in delivering an accurate and precise treatment.


The treatment starts with shaping your nails. You have the choice of square, oval or squoval shapes, these are simply a personal choice. Your nails are then buffed which stimulates blood supply underneath the nail plate encouraging the nails to grow faster, buffing also makes the nail plate smoother and ensures nail polish can be applied evenly. At this point your hands and arms receive a little pampering with a exfoliating gel or cream depending on your preference. Exfoliation of the hands helps to brighten your skin and rejuvenates the hands.


Your hands are then placed in a luxurious nails soak which softens the cuticles which allows tiding of the cuticle area more accurately. Hand cream is applied to dry areas on your hands, conditioning the skin in problem areas. Your cuticles are then tided, using special tools to ensure a neat cuticle.


Then your hands and arms now enjoy a full massage with a Thai hand and arm products. This relaxes your arms and hands prior to the most fun part of the treatment and the polish!


At Bangkok Palace we offer a full range of Nail INC. colours including a number of different finishes including Matte, High Gloss, Neon and Neutral finishes.